stdClass Object ( [id] => 12189 [post_date] => 2012-05-30 12:32:20 [post_content] => Illegal individuals or masses have increased in Canada who take big amount from job seekers, assures them employment and escapes. These scams are being increased in Canada especially in case of immigrants in Canada who came for employment. Rosalinda Baldoz, the Secretary of Labor and Employment informed about job scams in Canada. She noted that many deceitful individuals perform their activities through websites using Canada immigration logo. According to the statements of secretary, fraudulent people identify job seekers and approach them via Canadian websites by promising them well-paid employment in Canada. Then, they will ask big amount of money as processing fee. Secretary affirmed that there are few genuine authorities who help job seekers with fair fee structure in Canada such as Quebec notaries, immigration consultants, Lawyers and paralegals. She alerted job seekers by informing about these job scams in Canada. Suggestions for job seekers:
    • Job seekers should be very cautious and secure themselves from fraud scams in Canada
    • If any company offers “work from home” jobs, then Job seekers should check the company credentials by logging into BBB website.
    • Do not provide financial or personal particulars to any job agent unless and until his/her activities are authorized.
    • If any agent asks money prior to employment, then watchfully ignore and do not respond to calls or mails of agent.
    • Generally, fakes offer lucrative salaries even if job seeker do not have prior experience in that  field. In such cases, it becomes necessary to identify the fraud.
    • In genuine situation, any money transfers could be done to accounts via online. But, fakes issue cheques intentionally to take portion of earned money.
    Better Business Bureau of Canada suggested these points to job seekers in Canada. Percentage of unemployment in Canada rose to 80% so job seekers are in frustration and desperation about getting job. The conditions of job seekers are caught by the frauds and they started cheating them by offering jobs with good salaries. One fake agent who had caught by Canadian police stated that he has collected $14,000 from job seekers. Migrants who desire to move to Canada for job purpose should be very cautious as they will have more frustration about job than locals. So avoid “work from home” offers and approach legal and authorized job agents to get employed in Canada. Connect with us on FB:!/opulentuz Follow us on:!/Opulentuz For any queries and clarifications visit our forum:   [post_title] => Migrating to Canada for job? Be very cautious! [comment_status] => open [post_password] => [post_name] => [post_modified] => 0000-00-00 00:00:00 [menu_order] => 0 [post_type] => post [post_image] => [comment_count] => 0 [category] => 3641 [source] => 91 [meta_title] => [meta_description] => [meta_keyword] => [post_by] => Author [country] => 0 [status] => 1 [pretty_url] => migrating-to-canada-for-job-be-very-cautious [editeddate] => 0000-00-00 [editedby] => [reviewstatus] => [rejectiontype] => [rejectreason] => [post_category] => 3641,3656,3764,3765,3834 [post_tags] => 30935,31007,32209,32558,33784 [plagiarisem_count] => 0 [cnt_image] => [post_dateadded] => 2012-05-30 12:32:20 [addedby] => 12 [inactive_reason] => [source_ref_id] => 2682 [p_url] => migrating-to-canada-for-job-be-very-cautious [c_url] => canada )