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    Australia Skilled Nominated VisaIndividuals who are interested in immigration to Kangaroo nation should check out for Australian Skilled Nominated visa. They should also have a look at a list of Australian skilled occupation as to whether or not their preferred occupation is on the ASOL. They should also check as to how many points their occupation is worth. Few occupations are offered higher points and few others lesser points.

    All who are interested in migrating to Australia, before applying they should ensure they need to get their skills assessed by the relevant assessing authority for their nominated occupation. The skills assessment, as well as document provided to the assessing authority, should be included along with the application.

    Before applying for Australia Skilled Nominated Visa, the individuals should be able to obtain the English language ability. If the applicant is from the English speaking zone, this would be of little importance.

    The applicants must also refer to ASCO (Australian Standard Classification of Occupations) descriptions of the nominated occupation to check as for whether or not their job duties correspond with the same or related Australian occupation.

    The age is considered while awarding the points. Given below are the points which are allocated based on the applicants’ age.

    Age              Points 18 to 24           25 25 to 32           30 33 to 39           25 40 to 44           15 45-49                0

    The applicants before they apply for Australia subclass 190 they should present the evidence of their age, for example, they can provide their birth certificate as evidence.

    The Australia immigration points calculator also takes into consideration the language, and it plays a very crucial role. Hence the applicants English language ability is tested to check whether the individual is competent.

    English language ability                                                                                      Points Able to cope with the overall meaning of the language in most situations.                10 Superior are those individuals who are able to use as well as understand the fair complex  20

    For more information about this, please fill out the Free assessment form.  One of our consultants will get back to you. For more updates follow us on Facebook , Twitter , Google+

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