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    Australian Skilled Independent Visa and Immigration to Australia

    Australia Skilled Independent VisaThe ‘skilled independent visa’ (‘subclass 189’) is primarily for those individual workers who are highly skilled and points-tested. These individual applicants also need not be sponsored by any employer or family member or be nominated by a government of a territory or state in Australia. But, the individual applicant must need to fulfill some criteria to be eligible to apply and get selected under this category.

    These criteria are that the applicant must have ‘nominated an occupational category that is on the relevant skilled occupational list’, must have got a suitable skilled assessment done for that specific occupation, must be above the age of 50 years, obtained the score indicated in his/her letter of invitation, have a minimum competence level and proficiency in English language.

    Australian Immigration the Due Process and Procedure

    Firstly, for an individual applicant to be considered for this visa category (subclass 189), he/she must nominate an ‘occupation’ which he/she deems to be the best fit for his/her skills, work, and occupation. Further to that, he/she must obtain a suitably skilled assessment done for the occupation he/she has chosen.

    Immigration to Australia and the Criteria Required

    Thus, to be found eligible to be considered for the skilled independent category (‘subclass 189’), the individual applicant must also get or obtain an evaluation of his/her skills as being in a listed occupation. This is or can be done by an expert evaluation body recognized by the government as eligible to do so. Further to this, an applicant can take the next step of sending his/her ‘expression of interest’ which will allow him/her to be invited by the government. Further to that, based on the points obtained by the applicant, in the points test, he/she will be granted a ‘skilled immigrant’ (individual with permanent skilled visa status).

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