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    Australia-Citizenship-Permanent-ResidencyAustralian Permanent Resident - An Australian permanent resident is a name offered to non-citizens who are provided to the holder of the permanent visa. Australia Permanent Resident can live, work and also study without restriction in Australia.

    A permanent resident has most of the rights as well as the entitlement of a citizen. However, we find there exist differences.

    There Exist Difference Between Permanent Residents and Australian Citizens

    •    A citizen does have an automatic right to entry to Australia, however, if the permanent resident chooses to travel internationally, they require to ensure that they have an ongoing visa with valid travel authority in case they desire to return to Australia as permanent residents. •    A citizen has right to vote in Australian Government elections. We find in most cases, permanent residents cannot, however if a permanent resident was enrolled to vote (as a British subject) before 1984, they might remain eligible to vote.

    The national govt does provide the funding for universities in all states. Each is independent in its governance. They set their courses as well as course content.

    If child is born in Australia then automatically the child does acquire Australian citizenship if at least one of the child's parents is an Australian citizen or an Australian permanent resident at child's birth

    We also find those children who are born outside Australia and their parents are not Australian citizens, they do not automatically acquire Australian citizenship, nor are they are eligible for citizenship by descent.

    The govt of Australia does encourage the visitors as well as new residents to learn more about this nation’s heritage, language, customs, a way of life and values.

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