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    According to the United Nations (UN), the number of people emigrating from their countries for working abroad is soaring. A decade ago 15 million people lived outside their home country and today, it is more than 200 million.

    The migration is not just from poor countries to rich countries anymore. There is also critical number of people moving from rich country to rich and even from poor country to poor.

    On this subject, the U.N. is holding a high-level meeting in New York on 3rd & 4th October, 2013.

    Where The Money Goes

    The UN says that nearly a billion people profit from migrant wages as they usually send money back home to their families.

    Heading the UN’s Migration and Development is Peter Sutherland, who says migration is a win-win as the home country gets an economic boost and the host country draws the necessary workers to keep its economy going.

    Sutherland says that the money sent by migrants to developing countries surpasses all the aid received by those countries from richer nations.

    From Filipinos working abroad, the Philippines collected $24 billion in such remittances in 2012. Mexico, China and India collected more.

    Risk And Reward

    Before sending them abroad, a few industries in the Philippines train the migrant workers.

    Site Group International, an Australian company, trains veteran workers in oil and gas industry to navigate large heights at construction zones at an abandoned expo center in Pampanga. The company sends its workers to jobs in Papua New Guinea (PNG), the Middle East and Australia.

    Many countries have few protections and rights for migrants due to which, being a migrant worker is risky. According to the latest UN statistics, almost 17 million migrants work in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia and many human rights groups including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International say abuse of migrant workers is unbridled in the region.

    Human trafficking among migrant workers in many developed countries is also cited by these groups. In the US, a class-action lawsuit in Louisiana’s federal court alleges wide-scale industry abuse of oil and gas workers.

    The UN is insisting that countries pass laws to protect migrant workers with Sutherland arguing that migrant workers need to have rights similar to a native worker.

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