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The Permanent Residency Visa of Canada is among one of the most sought-after Visas in the World. There is a need for qualified Engineers in Canada who are capable of migrating to Canada and adapting to its society easily. The requirement of Engineers in Canada is for technicians in various areas such as petroleum engineers, aeronautical engineers, computer engineers, mining engineers, etc. By allowing engineers to migrate to Canada, it is not just helping the individuals from across the world, but also assisting Canadian government.

Best Opportunities For EngineersEngineers are experts in the technical areas of a particular field. This is the reason why their requirement is high all over the world. If you have certification as an Engineer, then you can apply for Canadian Permanent Residency Visa and migrate to the country. There are numerous categories of Visas under which one can apply for. Engineers in Canada can migrate under the skilled worker or business categories, both of which provide many benefits to migrants in Canada.

Canadian Permanent Residency Visa is a dream for many individuals around the world. Permanent Residency is visa position that allows a person to reside in Canada indefinitely. However, a Canadian Permanent Resident is not a Citizen of Canada. One can apply for Canadian Permanent Residency through various ways.

Some of the most pertinent and successful ways for Engineers to migrate to Canada are: Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP), and Canadian Experience Class (CEC). This Visa lets the owner to remain and work in Canada without any time limit on the stay. A permanent resident will lose his/her status if (s)he does not reside in Canada for 2 years out of 5.

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