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Canada: Immigration continues to be a key factor to economic growth

Canada-immigration-Economic-GrowthAhmed Hussen, the Immigration Minister of Canada, lately reaffirmed that the maple leaf country’s promise towards the financial migration. The financial immigration plan was done during a wide-ranging address in Toronto, Ontario, where he also discussed how the federal government has planned to continue to welcome the immigrants from across the globe. While speaking at a law conference conducted by the Canadian Bar Association, the Immigration Minister stated, “During the year 2017, the plan for 300,000 influxes increased the share of economic admissions from the year 2016. This is a manifestation of our assurance to the initiative that migration continues to be the key element to our economic future as a country. In that will we’re trying new thoughts, we’re introducing new programs, and we’re implementing faster processing that will aid Canada to continue to attract the best and the brightest from all across the globe to continue to preserve Canada’s economic prosperity.” The migration plan referred to by the immigration minister is the most recent such plan to be offered by the government. As per the plan, the share of the economic immigration within the overall mix increased over the previous year. Lastly, in the end, the minister made a closing note by announcing that the target of three lakh new arrivals annually in the country will be historically high as compared to the Canadian standards and would, in fact, be the federal government’s ‘baseline’ for the future landings strategy. The target could end up being higher than that. Migrate to Canada from India

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