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What are the Job opportunities in Canada for Indians?

Canada creates and offers new economic opportunities for tens of thousands of newcomers every year. Job opportunities in Canada for Indians are plenty and many overseas professionals join the Canadian labor force and live in Canada permanently (as Canadian Permanent Residents) through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) or through the immigration programs for skilled workers operated by many of the territories and provinces of Canada. Other foreign nationals visit Canada to temporarily work in Canada or to start their own business.

Jobs in CanadaFrequently ranked as one of the top countries to live, several opportunities for Indians are available to live and work in Canada. Hence, it is understandable that thousands of people choose Canada each year. A growing number of Indians are migrating to Canada to attend university and work in Canada.

Skilled workers

The Canadian labor force is experiencing a severe shortage of skilled professionals and this provides many job opportunities for Indians in Canada. If you have experience and skills that meet the labor market needs of Canada, you may qualify for Canadian permanent resident status under the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Program. Apart from the skills, age, education, work experience, English/French language ability and some other factors play an important role in applying for any Canadian Skilled Visas.

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