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Vancouver on the verge to become the next tech Hub of North America

Canada immigrationVancouver, the British Columbia's most populous city, because of its proximity to top IT hubs like Seattle and San Francisco, is likely to achieve more from the stringent policies of the US. The industry, as well as the government, are said to be trying to make most out of this opportunity. As per the reports by fortune, the province’s advantage is not just geographic. In fact, the operations in Vancouver has been already launched by Canadian tech majors such as Kik, Shopify, and HootSuite. Amercian tech majors that strongly depend on foreign talent are attracted by Canada's welcoming immigration policies. Some of the top companies like Facebook, Microsoft, and Boeing have set up their offices in Vancouver, in which some of them are foreign employees and are working on temporary visas, which allows them to collaborate with their colleagues in Washington state and silicon valley. Over the last few decades, BC is encountering the growth rate of skilled tech workers by 27%. The government of various provinces with their continual efforts, encourage US tech companies to open offices, which will, in turn, make it easy for them to invest. It has executed this task, by offering required financial incentives and hurrying up with the process of visa applications to grant it to skilled foreign employees without delay. The government recently also launched a program known as Global Skills Strategy, to attract the skilled workers. This strategy has greatly helped in fast tracking the visa process across Canada. To differentiate itself from other provinces of Canada, British Columbia has increased the tax credit for augmented reality and virtual reality companies that move into it. British Columbia’s former “Minister of technology, innovation, and citizen's services”, Amrik Virk said that “the policy came into effect with the idea of making the city of Vancouver the global capital of AR and VR in lines with the silicon valley, which is known as the hub for software engineering”.  

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