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immigrating to CanadaAre you considering Canada immigration but baffled about program which works best for you. This article is intended to help people like you. Here we are providing information about the various routes through which one can immigrate to Canada. Canada is the most preferable destination for immigrants who wish to live, study and work abroad. Immigration to Canada avails you with a number of benefits both tangible and intangible. Canada offers excellent lifestyle options, abundant study and employment opportunities to its residents. One can easily immigrate to Canada by abiding certain rules and regulations.

Routes for immigrating to Canada  

Immigrating to Canada sounds good right? Canadian Government provides a number of programs to address to the needs of the immigrant. The following are the few ways through which one can immigrate to Canada.

Federal Skilled Worker program:  

Skilled workers can enhance their career opportunities by immigrating to Canada. The country offers huge opportunities for skilled workers upon immigration.Canada Federal Skilled Worker is a most popular program which is open to skilled immigrants who contribute their skills for the growth of the economy upon immigrating to Canada. 

Quebec-selected Skilled Workers  

Canada Quebec Skilled Worker is a program for immigrants who wish to immigrate to Quebec. Quebec has set its own rules and regulations to attract talent to the country. In this program, individuals who wish to immigrate to Quebec must acquire a Certificat de sélection du Québec from the Quebec Government.  

Canadian Experience Class  

Canadian Experience Class program addresses to the individuals who have resided in the country for certain period, having good English or French skills which can help to the growth of economy.   

Family Sponsorship  

Under Family sponsorship program, Spouse, conjugal or common-law partner, dependent child and other eligible relatives can immigrate to Canada provided sponsored by a permanent resident of Canada.

Provincial Nominee program  

Canada Provincial nominee program in which provinces and territories of Canada can nominate people to immigrate to Canada. People with skills, education and work experience need to contribute to the growth of that province or territory.

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