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New Canada Liberal Laws to obtain Canada Citizenship

Canada CitizenshipImmigrants in Canada under the previous conservatives rule faced tough conditions to obtain the Canada Citizenship. Language requirements for immigrants, citizenship cancellation for Natural Canada citizens, were both hindrances and created serious troubles to the people. Canadian liberals under the dynamic leadership of young Justin Trudeau have promised the Canadian people to create a barrier-free environment for the Canada Citizens and immigrants. Adhering to their promises liberals after attaining the power have introduced new changes to the Citizenship laws.

You can go through the below changes to the previous laws.

Canada New Citizenship Laws Previous Canada Citizenship laws
1) Language proficiency in any single English or French. 1) Language proficiency in both the languages. ( French and English)
2) Any language test must for between the age group 18 t0 54. 2)  Both French and English language test must for between the ages 14 t0 64.
3) Not mandatory to sign a declaration to reside in Canada after attaining Canada Citizenship. 3)  Necessary to sign a declaration to reside in Canada after attaining Canada Citizenship.
4) Considers time spent in Canada with nonpermanent resident status. 4)  Do not consider the spent in Canada with nonpermanent resident status.
5) Applicants must reside in Canada for 1095 days in five years. 5) Applicants must live in Canada for 183 days in each year for the qualifying years.
6) Repealed authority to revoke Citizenship. 6)  Authority to cancel the citizenship of Citizens.

You can draw the comparison between the previous laws and new laws. The Canada citizenship is now easy with the more liberal laws. This lifting of language as a mandatory requirement is a great relief, and the liberal move of the Justin’s Government has created great hope among the immigrant population.

The Canada citizenship rights bestow voting rights, right to contest and many social security benefits to the citizens. Canada has always been a great place to settle, and new laws make the citizenship and immigration easier in Canada. For More Information about this, please fill out a Free assessment form. One of our consultants will get back to you. For more updates follow us on Facebook , Twitter , Google+ Site Links:

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