In Next Five years, more Canadian Jobs Are Likely to Await Immigrants

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Canada is known as the land of endless opportunities, it has carved a niche as a best nation for any ambitious job seeker inorder to hold a better future.  If  anyone is interested to explore well paid job opportunities in overseas, then they would do well in the Maple leaf nation.

This nation offers abundant fresh opportunities, such as superb working environments. It also offers improved standard of living, as well as healthcare arrangement which is apparently on par with the finest in business across the world. However, not every individual receives an opportunity to  migrate to Canada.

Significant Rise in Canadian Job offers

 As per the recent statistics, Canadian Jobs are expected to increase about 13% between 2015 and 2020, which is far exceeding the 3% rise in total jobs over that time.  The rise in job offers is due to increasing aging population and there is a need for Canada skilled professionals in various occupations. Apparently,  we find following are few occupations, where the individuals would see a faster rise in Job opportunities.

  • Home Care Nurses
  • Managers for child care services
  • Nurse’s aides for the home care
  • Interactive media designers/ Computer programmers
  • Assistants/Early childhood educators
  • Petroleum engineers
  • Information systems analysts
  • Registered nurses in senior facilities
  • Accountants for gas industry/oil
  • Gas drillers/oil and related
  • Software engineers and designers
  • Community /Social workers for elderly
  • Food servers in facilities for the elderly

With an intention to fill the growing jobs in the labor market and to increase the influx of immigrants into Canada, the govt of Canada has introduced an Express Entry system earlier this year.  As per this system, the immigrants with or without job offer they can migrate to Canada on PR as well as seek jobs in Canada.  We find simultaneously individuals without the job offer they can enroll themselves into the Canadian job bank in order to promote themselves to Canadian employers.

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