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IT Workers opting to Work in Canada

There are several negative changes in the US H1B program, and as a result, many talented technology employees aim to pursue jobs in Canada.

4,400 Applications in the Global Skill Strategy Program

The IRCC approved 4,400 applications in the Global Skill Strategy program in 2017. The aim of this Program is to attract professional and top management talents from abroad. Among the 4,400 applicants, more than 34% were Indians who are presently holding jobs in the IT sector.  India is major source country of overseas employees. Lindsay Wemp, the spokesperson of Canadian Immigration, said that presently, there is an international race to attract investments from innovative companies.  The United States and the countries in the European Union has a larger pool of talent and labor. It is considerably more than what is available in Canada.

Indian Techies

H1-B Restrictions

Presently, the H1-B policy places substantial restrictions on overseas workers. The US President is pursuing a ‘Buy American, Hire American’ stand, which creates uncertainty for the H1-B visas meant that are popular with the tech professionals. IT companies from India have mainly benefited from the H1-B program. The US administration has a plan to reduce the immigrants in the H1-B category. Furthermore, it has made the rules of hiring them tight especially in US firms located at third-party centers. US Citizenship and Immigration Services has also said that all employers or petitioners, of H1-B, will have to provide evidence that the employee will work in a specialty occupation. Accordingly, in this scenario, techies see that moving to Canada presently is an ideal option. This Strategy aims to help many companies in Canada to grow rapidly, and create additional jobs for overseas nationals. It allows a quick entry to the talented professionals.

Global Skills Strategy

Global Skills Strategy has an only two-week process to get temporary work permits. Also, a few categories, permit a worker to apply for PR on arriving in Canada. Normally this process takes a year.

The top IT jobs in GSS

Software programmer to check codes, Computer consultants; Computer analysts; media programmers and developers; and finally Software engineers To get more details related to Canada fill out a lFree Evaluation Form or contact us at [email protected] or call us 7207111222. One of our experts will meet your expectations and provide answers to queries.

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