What are the Advantages of Canada Open Work Permit?

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Canada Open Work Permit – The spouses, as well as a common law partner of the temporary foreign workers as well as foreign student, who are interested in working in Canada, would require a Canada open work permit visa. The open work permit is also available through the post-graduation work permit program for the students belonging to the foreign nation.

We find that the holder of  Canada Open Work Permit can work for the Canadian employer, without having confirmed the offer of employment.

An Open Work Permit Is Not Job Specific

As per the Canada Immigration regulations, open work permits can be applied

  • Common law partner of foreign temporary workers
  •  Common law partner’s or Spouse’s of foreign students
  • International students who have graduated from the Canadian post-secondary institution.

To qualify for the above permit, the international students graduating should meet the requirement as per the Post graduation Canada Work Permit Program.

The individuals to qualify for open work permit, the common law partner or spouses  of the foreign temporary worker should demonstrate that

  • The principal temporary foreign worker does have work in Canada that is at a management level or a job in the professional occupation or as technical or the skilled tradesperson.  In other words, the skill level of the principal temporary foreign worker’s job should be of level 0, A, or B as per National Occupational Classification (NOC).
  • For principal temporary foreign workers, nominated for PR by the province. For them, it is not necessary to meet the skill level.
  • The principal temporary foreign workers are permitted to work in Canada for a minimum of 6 months.

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Inorder to be eligible for the open work permit, the spouse or the common law partner of the foreign student cannot themselves be full-time students and should demonstrate that.

  •  The foreign student is studying, full-time degree/ diploma at post secondary educational facility, which is publicly funded.
  • The foreign student has a valid work permit for a job related to his/her education, and  also they must have completed graduation.

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