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How does the Express Entry process work?

Canada Express Entry - How does the Express Entry process work?Express Entry is the gate to enter in Canada.  By lodging application in Express Entry, a candidate will show the interest in moving to the nation. Express Entry is used to manage applications for permanent residence under three federal economic immigration programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker
  • Federal Skilled Trades
  • Canadian Experienced Class.
Any Province and Territory of Canada can choose applicants for their own requirement through the express entry.

The Express Entry system has two steps:

  1. After completing the language proficiency and educational credential assessment, the applicant needs to show the interest to the Federal Government of Canada that he/she is ready to come to the country as per the requirement of the demand list of Canada.
In this initial stage, every applicant will have some points as per their profile. Basic factors are –
  • Age
  • Educational Qualification
  • Work experience
  • Language Proficiency
  • Adaptability
  • Job offer from any Canadian company
Here one needs to score 67 points out of 100.
  1. In the 2nd phase, there will be a ranking called comprehensive ranking system. Canada cannot take all the applicants at a time. So, to make the process smooth, they launched this ranking system.
The ranking will be based on the below-mentioned factors:
  • Core Human Capital Factors – Age, Level of Education, Language Proficiency, Canadian Work Experience
  • Skill Transfer factors – Level of education and language proficiency, work experience and language proficiency, certificate of qualification in trade occupation.
  • Additional factors – Provincial nomination, LMIA approved job offer, Canadian educational qualification
The ranking is made out of 1200 points. If anyone has any job offer, they can get 200 points extra. And if anyone received any PNP nomination she/he can get 600 extra points. Whoever will have a high ranking, they will get the Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada immigration. There occur two draws every month to call the highest ranking holders. Sometimes, seniority gets priority. If you have your profile in the pool for a longer period and you are competing with a new applicant of express entry then you will get the preference to get the ITA. The Invitation is valid for 90 days. So, you need to submit all the documents and migration fees within the time period. Candidates can stay in the pool for up to 365 days. If anyone is not getting ITA within 12 months then he/she can apply again in the pool and wait for the turn. It will clear the backlogs of the pool.  Related Links:

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