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Earning Points for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is one of the most famous, unique and beneficial Canadian Immigration programs for skilled professionals. Under the PNP, a skilled professional who wants to migrate to Canada can apply to be nominated by the participating state/territory under the Provincial Nominee Program. If an applicant meets the skills-shortage and the requirements of both the nominated state and Canada, then (s)he will be able to migrate to Canada and live and work in the Canadian state/territory who nominated them. Manitoba Provincial Nominee ProgramManitoba is one of the most popular Canadian immigrant destination and Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is making it even more attractive for skilled professionals. However, to be eligible to apply for this, an applicant must gain a minimum of 60 points in the points-based evaluation. The points-calculation for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is similar to Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Program where an applicant is awarded points for his/her English Language Ability, Age, Work Experience, Education and Adaptability. The maximum points each applicant can obtain for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program are:

  • Language Ability – 25
  • Age – 10
  • Work Experience – 15
  • Education – 25
  • Adaptability – 25
However, an applicant without any ‘adaptability/connection to Manitoba’ cannot migrate to Manitoba even if (s)he obtains the minimum number of points. A candidate’s connection to Manitoba will be considered and awarded points if (s)he has:
  • A relative or friend living in Manitoba
  • Completed post-secondary education in Manitoba
  • Previous Work experience of at least 6 months in Manitoba
‘Invitation to Apply’ from Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

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