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Canadian Family Immigration

Canadian Family Immigration is a type of sponsorship of immediate family and other eligible members is called as ‘Family Class’ or ‘FC’ sponsorship.

Canada Family ImmigrationIn the first category of sponsorship, there are some conditions which have to be met. These are that the sponsor or common law partner must have lived in a conjugal relationship with the sponsor for at least two years, if the sponsor and the conjugal partner have been relationship for two years or less, they have no children in common, and their application was received by the CIC on or after October 25, 2012.

Also, in this case, the applicant’s beneficiary does not have to live in Canada, and also he/she does not need to have legal status, if living in Canada. Also required from the beneficiary are medical, criminal and background checks. Any lapses on the part of the beneficiary in any of these checks will have an adverse effect on the application.

If in the past, the applicant has broken any of the obligations, or rules, or regulations of Canada (e.g. failed a financial obligation, or has not followed upon on a court order, received financial aid from the government, etc.), he or she is not eligible to apply to sponsor more relatives like parents or grandparents.

But, there are some conditions too which may make the applicant not eligible and some of these are for example, a history of having failed to provide the financial support needed by relatives already sponsored by the applicant, conviction in a violent crime, etc.

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