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Canada’s Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program (MPNP)

Manitoba PNPCanada’s Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program (MPNP) is a provincial nomination program that allows eligible people to migrate to the province and to Canada. The program accepts applications from people all around the globe and selects those who in its estimation can best contribute to its economy and future. The MPNP (Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program), a  Canada’s Provincial Nomination Program, is a points-based program which allocates points on the basis of different criteria which it deems are important. So, based on an applicant’s score and a few other criteria, the province selects the applicants for its program, the Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program. It selectively chooses only those applicants among the pool of applicants that have applied, based on the results of a points-based program. The points include points for the applicant’s employability, education, language proficiency, connection to Manitoba and adaptability. The points are calculated based on different criteria as indicated above. The criterion of employability evaluates the applicant’s ability, capability, etc, to secure a job in the Manitoba province and get selected to Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program. The criterion of education determines how fit or capable an applicant’s education and training are to be able to perform and fit in the current and changing job market. The criterion of language proficiency measures and evaluates the applicant’s ability in the English language skills but, strictly based on the standard English language skills tests undertaken by them. The criterion of ‘ties and connection to Manitoba’ evaluates and checks on the basis of criteria such as any relationships (such as family ties, etc.) that the applicant and/or his family have to those already in Manitoba, or, if the applicant’s previous education, employment, etc. happen to have been completed in Canada. There is a detailed tool (put up online, too) by the Manitoba provincial government which the province uses to help assesses an applicant’s suitability and eligibility for the province’s immigration program, the Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program, which is one of the popular Canadian Provincial Nomination Programs. It is a very detailed tool and allocates points on elaborate sub-criteria and which allows the applicant to garner points and obtain a total score in the points-based program. Thus, if an applicant is a worker, depending on whether he or she is already working in the province of Manitoba or not, eligibility criteria change and points are awarded based on the changed criteria. Thus, for example, those temporary workers who are employees of a company in Canada and have been working there for atleast for 6 months and who have received a permanent job offer there are provided/given preference and their applications are processed with priority processing. So, in essence, Manitoba’s provincial nomination program is points-based (criteria with points) with quite elaborate rules and lets applicants migrate (immigrate to Canada) based on these criteria and rules. For more updates follow us @ Facebook

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