Canada Work Visa Guide for Employers

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Canada Work Visa Guide for Employers

Canada is a land of opportunity for workers, jobseekers, professionals, etc.  At any point of time, whether it is the country as a whole or its provinces, jobs, opportunities, etc. are available for workers with different skills-sets. But, the thing to note is that opportunities are available depending on skill requirements, skills shortages, etc. For both the employers and applicants (alien or domestic), Canada Immigration authority keeps coming up with innovative programs or schemes so that both the employers and workers can find what they are looking for and seeking. And so, it is ‘opportunities galore’ for those from India who want to work and/or immigrate (migrate abroad/to Canada) for working.

There are three broad categories of schemes which are available to employers in Canada that enable them to hire and bring in foreign workers. These are

i) Hiring a foreign worker temporarily

ii) Offer and provide a full-time job to so as to enable a skilled worker’s immigration to Canada

iii) Offer and hire a paid internship to a fresher.

Canada Work Visa Processing Time

And, also, the processing time under each of the above indicated and described categories of Canada Work Visas (temporary, permanent and internship) varies and depends upon the ‘quota size’ (varies with time), the ‘backlog of applications (also varies with time) being processed at any point of time, etc.

Canada work visa eligibility and procedures involved

A temporary worker can be hired through a work visa by a company through the ‘Temporary Foreign Worker Program’. This is for fulfilling short-duration labour and skill shortages. Through this program, the employer can hire an alien worker who is either abroad or present in Canada. A qualified foreign worker in this above indicated program is deemed to be one who is

i) About to complete a job contract with another employer, or

ii) Someone who already holds an open work permit to work in Canada.

This aforesaid program for a Canadian work visa applicant  can be used to hire foreign workers to work in Canada for 4 years. The foreign worker must apply for the work visa himself/herself.  To support the alien worker for his /her visa application, the employer may have to get permission from the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) agency by way of a labour market opinion (LMO). An LMO’s purpose is to ascertain and demonstrate that there is a real necessity for an alien worker (Canadian work visa holder) and that there is no local citizen who can do the job.

To hire a foreign worker on a work visa on a permanent basis, the immigration authority again has a number of schemes/programs. These are

i) Federal Skilled Worker Program

ii) Provincial Nominees program

iii) Canadian Experience Class and

iv) Federal skilled trade program.

In the first program, Federal Skilled Worker Program, the workers are assessed based on their ability to adjust to Canada’s labour market. The methodology that is used is a grid-based points system which assesses applicants for Canada’s work visas on different criteria such as age, education, work experience, etc. and the applicant must meet a minimum of 67 points out of 100 points. For such an applicant, there are a few other admissibility requirements, and if he/she satisfies those and in addition, if the employer gives the applicant a job offer, the applicant’s case for the work visa application would be greatly enhanced.

So also for the other permanent worker programs indicated above, there are varying criteria and rules to be met and satisfied, and if these are satisfied, the worker can get the work visa, immigrate and also work for the employer in Canada. As for as hiring ‘interns’ is concerned, the applicable rule holds that the Federal government departments, agencies, etc. and private employers can hire skilled labour work force by hiring newcomers through the Federal Internship for Newcomers (FIN) Program.

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