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Canada-Open-Work-PermitCanada Open Work Permit – Canada has opened doors for the foreign nationals to work by obtaining open work permit Visa. This Visa is specifically for the partners of the students and professionals who are residing in Canada. The spouses or official partners can apply for the visa by showing the valid proof of temporary residence in Canada. The duration of this Visa is for 12 months. During the stay under this program, an applicant can work in Canada under any employer or study in any institution.

This work permit program was introduced last year in the month of December and extended until December 2016. This program was intended to facilitate the foreign nationals seeking jobs, waiting for permanent residency. The processing time of open work permit for Canada depends on the type of application and duration cannot be predicted easily.

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For Spouses of Foreign Nationals: Foreign nationals in Canada pursuing education and professionals in work are entitled to have their wives or partners in Canada. Such partners can apply for the Visa without a job offer from a Canadian employer.

Spouses of Foreign Nationals: Spouses of foreign nationals already residing in Canada, with temporary Visa, can also apply for this Visa. Partners of Skilled professionals who are not enrolled in any educational programs are eligible for this Visa.

Post-Graduate Work Permits: Students of different academic backgrounds whose course is about to complete in last eight months are likely to apply for this Visa. This is the best method to obtain Visa post studies. As this is a pilot program that was issued recently, last year students must stay updated with the latest news from immigration agencies.  Approach the best consultants to work in Canada. As it is Canada’s discretion to allow some work permits, applicants must rely on official information sources to avoid rejection.

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