Different Benefits Enjoyed by the Canada Permanent Residents ?

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SINP-through-Canada-Permanent-ResidentCanada Permanent Residents – The permanent resident card considered as an official proof that the individual is a permanent resident of Canada. The individuals might use this plastic card that is wallet size to show Canada Permanent Resident Visa status when they return to other nation.

A permanent resident is known to be someone who has been offered permanent residence student by the immigrating to the maple leaf nation,  but they are not a Canadian citizen. The permanent residents are citizens belonging to other countries.

Any individual in Canada temporarily like the student, or the foreign worker is not a permanent resident.

The Permanent Residents have Rights

•    Social benefits include coverage for  health care coverage
•    Live work or to study anywhere in Canada
•    Apply for the Canadian Citizenship
•  Get protection under the Canadian law and Canadian charter of rights as well as freedom.

Migrate to Canada through SINP, the individuals do qualify under of one of three categories. Below is eligibility requirement under each of three categories.

•    Saskatchewan Experience Category
•    Saskatchewan Express Entry
•    International skilled worker occupations
•    Farm and entrepreneur category

The Saskatchewan Canada Express Entry Stream that enables the province to nominate individuals who are in the pool of Express entry pool of the CIC. The individuals have worked experience skilled, education, language ability as well as other factors that help to settle successfully and they integrate into Saskatchewan’s labor market as well as communities.

As the candidates are selected by the province from a pool of federal express entry, all applicants should be eligible for one of the economic immigration programs federal.

•    Federal skilled worker
•    Canadian Experience Class
•    Federal Skilled Trades

For  Saskatchewan Nomination Program, The candidates are required to score minimum points on the SINP point assessment grid. The points awarded by 5 factors.

•    Age
•    Work experience
•    Language ability
•    Education and training
•    Connection to skilled labor market as well as adaptability

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