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Migrate to CanadaThe Canada North West territorial region is geographically vast and rich in resources like gold, petroleum, and natural gas. This province is emphasizing on immigration procedures to attract some migrants to settle in the region. This territory is the home for adventurous and recreational activities. This area with abundant resources provides excellent opportunities for the skilled workers. North West province takes part in the Canada Express Entry to recruit the employs from an international pool of professionals. Apart from express entry North West area also welcomes immigrants through other immigration programs.

A North West Provincial Nominee program accepts an application under four categories. Candidates with particular interest in settling in the territory must set this region as a priority in Canada Express Entry.

  • Skilled Worker
  • Critical Impact Worker
  • Entrepreneur
  • Self-Employed Business

The above mentioned four programs will attract applicants to apply for the Canada immigration. IRCC will look after the immigration procedures based on the requirements of the Canada Provinces.

Skilled worker: Under this category applicants with valid job offer can apply for the North West Territory Nominee Program.

Critical Impact Worker: This class allows candidates with minimum 6 months of work experience in North West Territory. The candidates must be nominated by the employer of Northwest Territory in the same category in which they are holding positions (Semi Skilled or unskilled).

Entrepreneur Category: The entrepreneurs with good skills and introduce products that are useful to local conditions is given highest priority. All interested business investors can apply for this visa category.

Self-Employed Business: The professionals who can share their skills without depending on the Government, who can set up the business outlet or services that are in great demand in the local market of the territory.

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