What are The Selection Factors for Canada Immigration?

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Canada-Immigration-From-IndiaThe Federal Skilled workers are those individuals who have Facebook, education, age, work experience as well as have language abilities under one of the maple leaf nation’s official language. And who are selected to immigrate to Canada under the Express Entry immigration system?

That individual who is qualified for Canada Federal Skilled Trades Program Visa,  they are evaluated against the six factors that determine their eligibility to Canada immigration.  The selection factors include

  • Adaptability
  • Age
  • Arranged Employment
  • Employment Experience
  • Language
  • Education

The new programs aim to select only those candidates who have a higher probability of economic settlement and contribute to Maple Leaf nation. It also helps to maintain previous criteria, for selection factor, a point structure along with modification to the relative importance.

Selected Factors

The applicant under the FSW Program, who tend to possess sufficient work experience and language proficiency should accumulate minimum points as stated in skilled worker selection grid.


The applicants who require one-year full-time Canadian work experience in the managerial or professional or technical or skilled trade occupation should be awarded maximum points.  As mentioned above, the validated offer of employment would provide five adaptability points. Other points to consider is awarding points under the selection factor that include a close adult relative living in Canada. The applicant or spouses have studied in Canada. The spouses do have previous Canadian work experience.  The spouses have knowledge of one of Canada’s official languages.

The CIC policy does confirm that Federal skilled worker program aims to select highly educated individual’s, and they do not favor applications from the skilled trades. Candidates may apply for Permanent Residence under the skilled trade in Canada program.

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