What are the Benefits Enjoyed by the Canada Permanent Residents?

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Canada Permanent Residents -vIndividuals who are interested in Canada immigration should contact the immigration consultants. They would brief you about varied immigration programs which would help the individuals to migrate to Canada and get permanent residency in Canada.

They Would also ask you Questions Relating to

  • Your nationality
  • Your age
  • Your language ability
  • Your family members
  • Your education
  • Your work experience
  • Your net worth and/or income
  • Your details of job offer

The immigration consultants would also explain the eligibility requirement, and if the individual’s eligibility requirement is met, they can go ahead and apply for a visa.

Those individuals who are Permanent Resident in Canada would be given permanent resident status, but they would not be offered citizenship of Canada. These individuals have citizenship of other nations. These individuals live in Canada temporarily such as foreign workers or students who do not hold Canada PR.

Permanent Resident Card: This is considered to be official proof that the individual is a permanent resident of Canada. The individuals will a have the wallet-sized plastic card. This card has to be presented when they enter or during their Stay in Canada or when they return from a different nation.

What do Permanent Residents Do?

  • They tend to receive varied social benefits which the Canadian citizens are eligible, which does include health insurance
  • live, work and study in Canada
  • Individuals can apply for citizenship of Canada
  • Protection an under law of Canada as well as rights and freedoms of Canadian charter.
  • Individuals are required to pay taxes, and they must respect laws of Canada which include Municipal level, provincial and federal.

The Individuals Having Canada PR Cannot Do Is

  • Run for the political office or vote
  • They cannot hold jobs which do require security clearance of higher level

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