Provincial Nominee Program in Canada – an insight

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Canadian work visas applied under the Provincial Nominee Program put through a fast visa application process. Aspiring immigrants under this Program need to have the requisite skills, suitable education, adequate work experience, and a manageable language exam result for low-skilled trades /professions.

To qualify for the Provincial Nominee Program, a province/territory in Canada must nominate an applicant. Canadian provinces seek an arrangement with the national Government to choose immigrant workers who intend to establish themselves in their region.


What Provinces offer PNPs?

Presently eleven territories participate in the program. The eligibility Criteria varies based on the region of nomination. The list includes:

 What are the Expectations while applying for the PNP?

When a province/territory nominate a person, the step to be taken is filing a PR application with Citizenship and Immigration authorities of Canada. They will evaluate the implementation and support documents depending on the standard immigration rules.

Why is Professional Help Important?

The PNP offers an excellent opportunity for international professionals to seek PR Status in Canada. As the criteria for PNP varies with the provinces and territories, an aspirant should not commit any errors. Consulting an expert from Canada will allow a better understanding of the options of the province and help in the application bid, regarding specific requirements.

Why opt for us in helping with the PNP Application?

The procedures for applying to a PNP seem uncomplicated, and a few applicants apply without taking any help from the immigration lawyer. They are not aware of the fact that, there is a high risk of refusal when the application is prepared improperly. The high standards have to meet. The documentation process to obtain the nomination is involved and requires legal expertise for success.

We have a record of helping many individuals/families to migrate to Canada using the Provincial Nominee Program successfully. Our staff and experienced lawyers assess all the cases to recommend an action which suits the requirements of the various provinces. The initial step to apply for the Provincial Nominee Program is to get an assessment of the case. We assure of all cooperation in this matter and help you to realize your Canadian dream.

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