All Questions about IELTS Score Required for Canada PR Answered

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Canada is known as a country which provides an easy path to get permanent residency. Its fast Express Entry Immigration System gets the PR in barely 8 months. For achieving this success the candidate needs to thoroughly know, all the process requirements, follow them meticulously and successfully obtain the Canadian Permanent Residency. A major process requirement, to acquire it is having the proficiency in either English or French language.

IELTS Test for English Proficiency to get Canada PR

Many PR applicants of Canada prefer to appear in the International English Language Testing System examination for providing a convincing proof of the proficiency in the English language to Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada. The IELTS happens to be a testing system of global standards to recognize proficiency in the English language. It is regularly accepted by educational authorities, immigration departments and organizations, in Canada and elsewhere.

The assessment is done in the fields of Reading, Speaking, Writing and Listening, of the English language of an applicant. There is a specific band score given to the applicants.

For how long does IELTS Test remain valid?

The IELTS Tests is accepted globally to measure the proficiency levels in the English language. The Test result has a validity of 2 years from the date, on which test was held.


IELTS Requirement for Canada PR

The International English Language Testing System is the yardstick of acceptance in many Canadian immigration programs. It is a proof of proficiency in the English language.

Express Entry System is a speedy and popular immigration System of the country for obtaining Canadian PR. Canada applies two criteria for selecting applicants in the Federal Express Entry System. Candidates are judged through FSWP and the Comprehensive Ranking System score.

The table presented here also compares to the IELTS band score and the Canadian Language Benchmarks. The eligibility norm to apply in the express entry system is attaining CLB 7 score, which translates to 6 band score in IELTS.

The FSWP Point allocation for language is presented here (Maximum 24 points)

CLB LevelAbility: SpeakingAbility: ListeningAbility: ReadingAbility: WritingPoints per ability
766.0 u2013 7.0664
10 and above7.5 u2013 9.08.5 u2013 9.08.0 u2013 9.07.5 u2013 9.06

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