India Ahead of China for Obtaining Canada Work Visas

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As per the recent reports, it suggests that Canada doesn’t follow the trends of US. China is said to lead the migration trends in the US. But in Canada, India is seen to lead the trend these days. Canada to attract more Indians than Chinese for work visas. But the inflow of citizens from China for a student visa is more.

Canada-Work-VisaAs per the six months statistics ending on 30th June 2017, it shows that approximately 13,670 Indians under Canada’s international mobility program obtained the work visas, whereas the Chinese got only 8,680 visas. Under this typical program, firms are eligible to sponsor the skilled workers, and they do not have to go through the LMIA (labor market impact assessment).

Under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, Indians were again ahead of Chinese. Under this 2,190 Indians obtained the work visa while only 635 Chinese obtained the Canada Work Permit Visa. These statistics by the department of IRCC ( Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship), do not differ from trends in the preceding year.

Canada in the recent market scenario is attracting talents from all over the world. In June, Canada through the Global talent stream program began fast processing of the applications. The applications were processed in two weeks and from LMIA.

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