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Canada Work Permit VisaCanada tops the list in terms of providing employment opportunities for people who wish to immigrate overseas. Every year over 200,000 people immigrate to Canada, thus, making it as a country of immigrants. Immigrating to Canada is an imperative step for any individual who wish to succeed in their life. As the country offers huge employment options, any individual who possess required skills and experience can easily Immigrate to Canada for seeking work. Working in Canada offers exciting and enviable opportunities for professionals of various designations.

Canada Work Permit:


Canada Work Permit is a written approval issued by an officer that permits a foreign worker to work in Canada. Canada Work Permit is valid only for a particular employer, profession, and duration of time. To work in Canada, a foreign professional need to obtain Canada Work Permit. However, foreign workers who wish to work in specific professions do not require a Canada Work Permit to work in the country. It is your responsibility to find out whether you need a Canada Work Permit or not to work in Canada.

Canada Work Permit Requirements

Canada Work Permit requirements:


In addition to abiding by the immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations, you must also meet some basic Canada work permit requirements which include:   

  • Must convince the officer that you will exit Canada at the end of your employment
  • Should have enough funds to meet the expenses of yours and dependent family members during your stay in the country.
  • Must be law-abiding citizen and should not involve in any criminal activity  
  • Satisfy health and medical exam requirements
  • Must not intend to engage in employment with an employer listed in ineligible employers.   

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