Steps to Move to Canada and Become a Canadian Citizen

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How to become a Canadian Citizen?

It is good to plan to move to Canada. Thinking of moving to Canada gives rich rewards. It is a place where healthcare is free. Besides, it is a land of friendly people and impressive landscapes. The living costs are low. Becoming a citizen requires a person to live in Canada for a minimum period of six years, and possess a pleasant behavior. Here we set out a few tips about Canada which have to be kept in mind to migrate to Canada with ease.

The Person has to be 18 Years Old

Minors are required to be under the guidance of their parents/legal guardians to fill the application. They, in turn, must be residing permanently in Canada.

The parent must be a citizen / or apply to acquire citizenship

The End to Enter a Pool of Skilled Professionals

Canada has an Express Entry system for immigration, which deals with the processing speedily. Under it, skilled workers are selected for jobs based on their skill set.

The applicants in Express Entry receive a score based on their job prospects and talents possessed. They receive a rank along with several others applying in a similar manner. Top scorers in these rankings are invited to be Permanent Residents.

You Need to have a Residence Permanently in Canada

To become a PR, people have a choice of options:

  • They can opt to apply selecting a province,
  • They can take the entrepreneur route which is a special category,
  • They can seek help from a member of the family, residing in Canada,
  • They can take the Quebec route which has specific requirements.
  • Permanent Residents are eligible for availing healthcare cover and can work, study, or travel to all places in the country.
  • They are not allowed to vote, or run for office,
  • They are not allowed to be placed on jobs which require high-security clearance

You Need to Declare your Intention to Reside

In case of receiving the invite to become a Permanent Resident, you are required to confirm about the measures to stay as a Canadian national.

The government has defined Permanent Residents as persons living in the country for a minimum of two years during a 5 year period.

A Failure to spend the required time inside the country leads to losing the status of Permanent Residents.

One must work at a place located out of Canada, as an official on public duty, known as a Crown Servant, or live overseas with a few family members, designated as Crown Servants.

You Have to Spend 6 Years at a Residence

Permanent residents do not necessarily become citizens.

When you are residing in Canada, you are required to be a PR  and be physically present inside the borders of Canada for a minimum period of 1,460 days calculated as four multiplied by 365-day tenure during the 6 years prior to the date of application.

The applicant is also required to be present for 183 days during each of the four calendar years within the six years before applying.

One must stay consistently in Canada

Provide Income Tax File Statements

One must provide 4 years’ of tax statements during the 6 -year period before applying.

One must Speak English/ French which are the two official languages of Canada. The requirements are being fluent to carry out a conversation, and issue proper directions, and use grammar, besides knowing the simple vocabulary and to describe your personality easily.

One can send written documents accompanying the application, but an officer has the power to decide about the quality of the English /French spoken

The applicant must Have Knowledge of Canada, its history, the symbols, values, and institutions associated with Canada.

A quiz/test is held for applicants between the age of sixteen and sixty-four years. It can be written/oral test.

A book on the title “Discover Canada: The Rights/Responsibilities of Citizenship” is very important to be proficient in these matters.

Reasons of Application Getting Denied

An incident of the past, like committing a crime inside the 4 years of submission of application may prohibit acquiring the Canadian Citizen.

Standing on trial for committing a crime is also a source of disqualification.

People in prison cannot use the period where a sentence is given, to acquire becoming a PR.

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