Ways to migrate to Canada successfully

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Migrate to CanadaCanada is a beautiful nation, located in Northern America. This awesome country is at the top of an immigrant’s list of migrating destinations. Every year, people across the world come to Canada to live and settle here. There are various factors why people choose to migrate to Canada- a stable and flourishing economy, ample career opportunities, clean and healthy surroundings, high standard of living and many others.

Immigration to Canada

There are various programs under which one can migrate to Canada. These are mentioned below briefly:-

  • Canada Express Entry- One can now apply for Canada immigration through the newly launched Express Entry program which allows skilled overseas workers to come and work in Canada. There are three major classifications of economic immigration programs to which the immigrants can apply. These are:-

1. Federal Skilled Workers Program– Includes people with skilled professional work experience.

2. Federal Skilled Trades Program– Includes individuals with experience in skilled manual labour.

3. Canadian Experience Class– For those who have an experience of working within Canada with proper authorization.

  • Quebec Selected Skilled Workers– This is meant for those people who have skilled work experience and want to live in the Canadian province of Quebec.
  • Provincial Nominees– This program invites individuals from overseas who wish to settle and work in any of the provinces in Canada.
  • Start-up Visa– Involves people who have a business idea and want someone to fund it.
  • Self-employed people– It is meant for those people who wish to be self-employed in various fields like agriculture, sports or arts.
  • Caregivers– There are three basic ways of migrating to Canada as Caregivers:-

1. Caretakers for children

2. Caregivers for people with high medical fields

3. Live-in caregivers

If you wish to migrate to Canada from India, you can opt for any of the above options to benefit from Canada immigration.

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