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Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program

Overview Canada Federal Skilled Worker program is among the most popular migration programs in the world. It is popular because Canada offers a lot of opportunities, high standards of living, etc. to those who immigrate or migrate to that country. There are multiple steps to complete before one can apply to and migrate to Canada through this program. Thus, there are conditions to be met and requirements to be fulfilled before Canada opens its doors to skilled workmen (or, skilled workers) through this program. Canada Federal Skilled Worker ProgramMinimum Eligibility Criteria There are a first of all, a few criteria/steps based on which a decision is made whether to begin processing the applicant’s application or not. These criteria/conditions/steps follow. The applicant to Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program ought to have at a minimum one year of continuous/uninterrupted, remunerated, full-time (or, equivalent of half-time work) employment or work experience in a single occupation, and this has to be so in the last one year. Also, this work must be at ‘skill type 0’, or skill levels A or B, of the latest edition of the NOC (National Occupational Classification). And, also the applicant or skilled worker must have had this work experience in one of the eligible/recognized occupations, or, he/she must possess a proper/appropriate offer of employment, or, he/she must be an international student pursuing a PhD study program in Canada. Also, the applicant or skilled worker to Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program should possess a minimum number of years of work experience and that work experience must possess some characteristics. Thus, the work experience must be at least for one whole/full year, must be remunerated work, in the same category, and within the last 10 years and at skill level A, or skill level B or, skill type 0 of the 2011 of the National Occupational Classification (as enumerated by the CIC). The applicant or skilled worker must also meet the minimum language requirements, as set by the CIC. The applicant or skilled worker ought to also have a valid Canadian diploma, or certificate or credential or an equivalent foreign one. Selection Grid or Points Calculator If the applicant to Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program satisfies/meets the above indicated requirements in the above, his/her application will be taken up for further processing based on the selection factors in a/the ‘selection grid’ or ‘points calculator’. These skills in the selection grid are skills in English or French, educational level, work experience, age, provision of arranged employment and adaptability. The applicant to the Federal Skilled Worker Program must score the ‘minimum number of points’ to have his/her application processed further. Adequate Funds Also, after passing the points test of the selection grid,  the applicant or skilled worker must show that he/she has adequate/enough funds to support himself/herself and his/her family. Some Grounds for Inadmissibility Also, an applicant to the Federal Skilled Worker Program is not admissible into Canada on some grounds and these include criminal background, violations of human rights, security considerations, health grounds, and other such grounds.

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