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Canada Express Entry - H?w does ?t work?

Canada Express Entry

C?n?d? Ex?r??? Entr? ?? a system that was intr?du??d ?n January 1st, 2015, and is used b? C?t?z?n?h?? and Imm?gr?t??n C?n?d? (CIC) t? m?n?g? permanent r???d?n?? ???l???t??n? in th? following existing ?r?gr?mm??:

Canada Express Entry

  • F?d?r?l Skilled Worker Programme (FSWP)
  • F?d?r?l Sk?ll?d Trades Programme (FSTP)
  • Canadian Ex??r??n?? Class (CEC)

H?w does ?t work?

A??l???nt? are r?nk?d ?g??n?t each ?th?r v?? a C?m?r?h?n??v? R?nk?ng S??t?m (CRS) and the most highly r?nk?d is ?nv?t?d t? ???l? f?r ??rm?n?nt r???d?n?? by CIC. Th? ???l???t??n? are ?ft?n ??m?l?t?d online, instead ?f b??ng ?ubm?tt?d ?? ????r ???l???t??n?. Applicants w?ll need to have ??m?l?t?d their language t??t?, and if applicable, have h?d th??r education ?r?d?nt??l? ???????d.

Th? w?? ?t w?rk? ?? that ?n applicant w?ll complete a ?r?f?l? ?nl?n? und?r Express Entr?, ???nt? will b? ?ll???t?d (r?g?rdl??? of ?r?gr?mm?) ?nd th? applicant w?ll b? notified ?f which ?r?gr?mm? th?? are eligible for and h?w many ???nt? th?? g?t. Th? point allocation ?? mu?h m?r? ??m?l?x compared t? th? previous FSWP ???nt? system (th? ???nt? system w?? n?t associated with th? FSTP and CEC).

The applicant w?ll th?n need to w??t and hope they w?ll receive ?n Invitation t? A??l? (ITA). A??l???nt? will r?m??n in th? pool for 12 m?nth?, ?nd ??n th?n r?n?w ?f they ?r? n?t ??l??t?d. Th?? can update th??r ?r?f?l? at ?n? t?m?.

If ?n ITA ?? issued, th? ???l???nt w?ll have 60 days (with n? ?xt?n???n?) t? ?ubm?t their ???l???t??n ?nd ?u???rt?ng d??um?nt?. Th? ITA? w?ll b? ???u?d wh?n CIC d??? a dr?w and ??l??t? the t??-r?nk?d applicants.

What is the b?n?f?t of Ex?r??? Entr??

Th? ??gn?f???nt b?n?f?t of the Ex?r??? Entr? ?? that the ???l???t??n? of ??rm?n?nt migration to C?n?d? w?ll b? ?r??????d ?n six m?nth?, mu?h ?u??k?r th?n und?r th? previous ???t?m.

What are the d?wn? of Express Entry?

Th? downside ?f th? C?n?d? Ex?r??? Entry ?? ???l???nt? ??n n? l?ng?r kn?w wh?t the threshold is, and m??t w?n’t kn?w f?r certain ?f th?? w?ll r????v? an ITA, as th?? ??nn?t know wh?t their r?nk?ng ?? and where th?? stand in comparison t? other applicants. In th? ?r?v??u? ???t?m, ???l???nt? kn?w th??r ?l?g?b?l?t? b?f?r? ?ubm?????n, but n?w ?t ?? m?r? ?f a w??t?ng g?m?.

Consequence on Int?rn?t??n?l Students

Th? introduction of th?? ???t?m has m?d? th? ?h?n??? ?f ??rm?n?nt r???d?n?? to f?r??gn ?tud?nt? d?ff??ult. Prior to th? ?ntr?du?t??n of the Ex?r??? Entr? system, ?nt?rn?t??n?l students h?d n? b?ttl?n??k t? ???l? f?r ??rm?n?nt r???d?n?? ?? th?? h?d the ?tr??ght opportunity t? do ??. On ??m?l?t??n ?f study, ?tud?nt? w?r? entitled t? ???l??ng for ???t gr?du?t? w?rk ??rm?t and th?r??ft?r ??uld ???l? through th? Experience Cl??? program f?r ??rm?n?nt r???d?n??. An?th?r m??n? ?f ???l??ng f?r permanent r???d?n?? was dependent ?n work ?x??r??n?? ?f ?tud?nt?.

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