Meet Necessary Prerequisites to Get Canada Business Visa

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Canada Business VisaInvestors who would like to start a business and invest in Canada can apply for Canadian Business Visa. The Business Immigration Program is a special program designed for applicants who are experienced in business and want to start a business in Canada. This program motivates and attracts the applicants towards Canadian business. The applicants who want to apply for a Canada Business Visa are expected to contribute to the country’s economy.

Why Canada for business?

If you are planning to start your business, then Canada is the best place as it welcomes the overseas nationals to invest as well as start a business.  In G-20, the Maple Leaf nation is one of the best countries to do the business. Canada has maintained a good growth record in the past years and is leading among all G-7 countries. Canada has the lowest tax cost in G-7 and 46 percent less than people who are in the US.

Canada’s Business Visa

This business visa is intended for applicants who are seeking ways to improve their business and ready to invest or advance business ties with the Maple Leaf nation.

Requirements for Canada’s business visa

Canada Business Visa gives you the best opportunity to become the permanent resident by living and working in Maple Leaf and later it also paves the way for Canadian citizenship. If you want to be a business visitor, you have to show that:

  • You are planning to stay for a short span of time that is under six months.
  • You are not willing to enter the labour market in Canada
  • Your place of business and source of income is outside Canada.
  •  Application supporting documents
  • You have to meet the requirements of Canada’s entry such as a valid passport, enough funds
  • Willing to return back to native nation,  and applicant should not have  criminal records

If you abide by the above requirements, then hurry up! And apply for a Canada business visa as soon as possible.

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