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Apply For The Province That Is Waiting To Invite You - Canada Skilled immigrationWith Canada still experiencing the shortage of skills ever since the implementation of Express Entry, the world witnessed the provinces showing interest in inviting skilled workers in large numbers. Majority of them were, Ontario, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Manitoba and Alberta. PNP (Provincial Nomination Program) welcomes graduates, skilled workers, entrepreneurs along with their families from throughout the globe through Enhanced Stream (aligned with Express Entry System) and Base Stream (Separate from Express Entry System). It is for the immigrants to know that the Enhanced Stream would help them have 600 points added to their CRS scores, to match up the threshold points, when nominated by province, thereby allowing them to receive ITA once selected from the draws. Also Read - Role of the Provinces in Canada Immigration and PNP                                                Programs Ontario: After the recent positive changes in relaxing the points and prioritizing the immigrants from HCP (Human Capital Priority Stream), the province had invited a huge number of applicants to settle down. With this new strategy helping them, it is expected that the forthcoming selections would again target IT and other occupations.

  • NOC 0131: Telecommunication Carriers Managers
  • NOC 0213: Computer and Information Systems Managers
  • NOC 2133: Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • NOC 2147: Computer Engineers (Except Software Engineers and Designers)
  • NOC 2171: Information Systems Analysts and Consultants
  • NOC 2172: Database Analysts and Data Administrators
  • NOC 2173: Software Engineers and Designers
  • NOC 2174: Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers
  • NOC 2175: Web Designers and Developers
  • NOC 2241: Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technologists and Technicians
  • NOC 2281: Computer Network Technicians
  • NOC 2282: User Support Technicians
  • NOC 2283: Systems Testing Technicians
  • NOC 5224: Broadcast Technicians
  • NOC 5241: Graphic Designers and Illustrators
Also Read - Ontario’s Express Entry HCP Stream: List of Targeted                                                 Occupations by NOC Codes Nova Scotia: Immigrations with/without job offer from Finance, Healthcare, Engineering, Technology, Social work can now apply for Nova Scotia. Since intake of application closes the same day when it opens, one has to be keeping a tab on the updates to submit the application without giving a miss!
  • NOC 1111: Financial Auditors and Accountants
  • NOC 1114: Other financial officers
  • NOC 1123: Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations
  • NOC 1241: Administrative assistants
  • NOC 1311: Accounting and related clerks
  • NOC 2131: Civil engineers
  • NOC 2171: Information systems analysts and consultants
  • NOC 2174: Computer programmers and interactive media development
  • NOC 2281: Computer network technicians
  • NOC 2282: User support technicians
  • NOC 3012: Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses
  • NOC 3233: Licensed practical nurses
  • NOC 4021: College and other vocational instructors
  • NOC 4211: Paralegal and related occupations
  • NOC 4212: Social and community service workers
  • NOC 6235: Financial sales representatives
British Columbia: The introduction of tech-only draws through the Enhanced stream, had helped the province in identifying  more of IT and Technology professionals. The strategy continues to make the Greater Vancouver Area the most successful place for IT Hub in North America. Also Read - British Columbia – Immigration Programs Manitoba: There are two pathways to apply for Manitoba - Overseas workers, Workers in Manitoba. With their unique Point Based System, an immigrant need not have to necessarily be eligible for Express Entry System.The strategy favours immigrants as the minimum language requirement is CLB4. Manitoba, on July 11, issued Letter of Advice for a total of 494 workers . Lucky are those, who got one! Alberta AINP invites immigrants through 3 streams
  • The Strategic Recruitment Stream - For Trade professionals, Engineers, and post-graduate workers.
  • The Employer-Driven Stream – for Skilled/Semi-skilled workers, International graduates
  • The Self-Employed Farmer Stream – For immigrants willing to purchase and develop a farm in Alberta
Alberta, though not have aligned itself with Express Entry, have issued 3,150 provincial nomination against the set 5,550 nomination for this year! Also Read - The Landlocked Alberta’s Provincial Nominee Program Know your province and apply for it!    

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