Canada to speed up visa application with a scheme to attract talents globally

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Canada Permanent residencyCanada wants to gain momentum to its strategy adopted for the welfare of the country in the wake of the stringent immigration rules laid down by the US.A well-positioned economy like Canada can attract fresh talents. This announcement made for Global Skills Strategy will not only prove a Saviour for economy’s health.

The Innovation Minister for Canada has said,”In a world where people are becoming more and more inward, where there is a rise in populism, there’s a lot of Islamaphobia, a lot of xenophobia, there’s a lot of anti-immigrant sentiment, Canada is uniquely positioned.”

This scheme would help the Canadian companies to target a 10% growth margin in the companies balance sheet.Canadian companies have seen an unthinkable surge of immigrants putting the visa application to travel to Canada from various nations specifically from the US.

The government of Canada has planned to circumspect every prospect of the ongoing growth opportunities and wants to create invincible freedom for investors who can put their money in useful growth making business ventures.Till now the immigration board of Canada has not set up any limit on the inflow of foreign immigrants.

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