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Easy to Migrate Canada with Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program

Canada Provincial Nominee ProgramApart from its own Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Canada has (or, its provinces have) its own Canada provincial nominee programs (Canada PNP) which allow an alien to immigrate/migrate to Canada. They (i.e. these Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs) have some similar features as the country’s (Canada’s) Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP). Thus, for example, a provincial nominee program, can be based on the requirements of its own province, which are typically, skills and work experience to contribute to that province’s economy, and thus based on such aforesaid criteria nominate an applicant to its nominee (or, nomination) program.

Primarily and mainly, a province’s Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is an immigration program based on its own economic criteria and its own priorities and its own selection criteria. But, it is also true, that the final formal selection process and procedure for the applicants and the selection of the applicant for permanent residency is done by the CIC (i.e. the federal Canadian immigration authority) and that final procedure (i.e. federal consent) allows the person to migrate to Canada. It is also a fact that as part of the application to CIC (i.e. the federal Canadian immigration authority), selected nominees can also apply for a permanent resident visa for their spouses and dependants.

Each of the provincial nominee programs (of Canada’s provinces) has its own rules (some similar and some not so similar). Thus, some of the similarities are that the applicant can be in either a semi-skilled occupation or a skilled occupation, be an investor, etc. But, there are also some dissimilarities between their programs (i.e. each provincial nominee program is in some definite sense, unique). Thus, for example, a province such as British Columbia (B.C.) encourages people with higher-level university degrees to apply to its PNP (i.e. Canada’s PNP) programs, while this is not true of another province’s PNP.  And, typically, a provincial nominee program is intended to encourage high-level skilled employment, innovation, investment within the province, and enable contribution to that province’s economy. But, also, it is a fact that each province’s criteria for selection to its PNP (i.e. Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program) is based finally on that province’s needs (economic, etc.) at any one point of time and so, during some (such a) period it may seek more semi-skilled workers than higher-level skilled workers.

But, a PNP’s (i.e. each of the provincial nominee programs of Canada) are also generally welcoming of migrants (i.e. allow those eligible to migrate to Canada) and supplement the country’s (i.e. Canada’s) immigration policy, program, etc. while helping each of them to aid/assist themselves economically, socially, etc.

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