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Nova Scotia’s Provincial Nominee Program

Nova ScotiaNova Scotia is a province in Canada and it is a peaceful, economically strong, ethnically diverse province.  It is proud of its diverse heritage and its vitality and diversity as a society. Immigration to Nova Scotia is encouraged by the provincial government and its provincial immigration program goes by the name ‘Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)’. This provincial nominee program is the first step to immigrate to that province. This nomination program allows the provincial government to select and hire/recruit the right people with the right and suitable skills and work experience to apply and be chosen by the provincial government of Nova Scotia for its immigration and skills shortage needs. After this is done, and provided the applicant is chosen by the province, the applicant has to apply to ‘Citizenship and Immigration Canada

In the Nova Scotia Nominee Program, there are three main different streams for migration and these are: ‘skilled worker’, ‘regional labour market demand stream’ and ‘family business worker’. In the ‘skilled worker nominee’ category employer companies hire and recruit workers whose skills are in short supply in Nova Scotia and these positions have not been filled by permanent residents or citizens of Canada.   Here employers must show and demonstrate that they have out in their best efforts to hire and recruit from the local labour pool. And, there are underthis main category, three subcategories which are skilled workers, semi-skilled workers and low-skilled workers. Within each sub-category, there are rules and regulations to be met such as persons with occupation within NOC skill level of O, A or B. Priority will be awarded to these high-skilled workers as compared to those in the other sub-categories such as ‘semi-skilled workers’ or ‘low skilled workers’.

The province of Nova Scotia has introduced another program which goes by the name ‘Regional Labour Market Demand’ under which individuals are fond suitable and are also willing to join positions which are much in demand in the province but are not being filled because of labour shortages and similar such factors. For this category, applicants do not require a job offer but they need to have or possess a permanent, full-time job offer from a Nova Scotia employer at the time of submitting his/her application. In the family business worker category.

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