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Prince Edward island's 'Provincial Nominee Program.'

Prince Edward Island’s 'Provincial Nominee Program.''Prince Edward Island' is one of the smallest provinces of Eastern Canada. It is also referred to as “ the Birthplace of Canada” because of the Charlottetown conferences in 1864, which contributed to Canada's formation. This province is known for its beautiful coasts and lush farmland. The economy of PEI depends largely on farming. The PEI recently introduced PEI PNP - Prince Edward Island’s Provincial Nominee Program. This program focuses on offering Prince Edward Island Provincial Nomination Certificate to the immigrants having relevant experience and desired skills by the province. This certificate permits the foreign workers to apply for Canadian permanent residence with a lesser processing time as compared to other Canada immigration schemes. There are three immigration categories under which PEI PNP accepts applications: PEI PNP Express Entry Individuals who are interested to live and work in Prince Edward Island and who are eligible for 'Express entry pool' can apply under this category. The PEI PNP express entry scheme does not guarantee that all the profiles would be reviewed and accepted. Only the candidates who have the required skills that match with the current requirement would benefit from this scheme. Labour impact Category Candidates having certain skills required for Prince Edward Island's labour market are eligible to apply for this program. This category depends on three sub-categories, which includes: Skilled Worker stream: This program is for foreign workers who are hired by one of the PEI (Prince Edward Island’s) employer. Candidates working under this scheme will be working in the skilled profession, and they should have the required Qualification and experience to obtain a job. Critical worker stream: This program is allotted for foreign workers who have been already hired by one of the PEI employer and the employer is keen to sponsor the candidate with the permanent residency. International Graduate Stream: This sub category is for foreign individuals who have completed their graduation from one of the Prince Edward Island colleges and universities and have been hired by one of the PEI employers. Eligible candidates in this category would work in a skilled profession in their field of study. Business impact Category The PEI accepts applications from an individual or Entrepreneurs who are interested in setting up or invest in business. This category is further sub categories in three parts: 100% ownership stream: Individuals who take complete ownership of the business by either purchasing an existing business or taking ownership of a new business are eligible to apply under this category. Partial ownership stream: Individuals or entrepreneur obtaining 33.33 % of one of the PEI business or investing $1,000,000 CAD in the equity of the business are eligible to apply under this category. Work Permit Stream: Under this category, the applicants are allowed to apply for a temporary work visa. Aspiring candidates can enter the province and start a new business. After getting familiar with the business, they can invest in the business, before being nominated by PEI (Prince Edward Island). For more information about Australia Permanent Residency, please fill out a Free assessment form.  One of our consultants will get back to you. For more updates follow us on Facebook , Twitter , Google+

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