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FCM wants more control on Canadian Immigration

According to Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) has stated that economic growth and stability of Canada can be at threat if the local government does not support in enhancing the immigration policies of the country. Berry Vrbanovic, President of FCM said, the economy of the country is foremost priority for government and immigrants play a significant role in developing the economy. The government should involve cities and communities in decision making so that all can sit and design long-term resolution plan which can react in a better way against the varying local needs. FCM strongly feels that Government of Canada lacks immigrants due to its complicated top-down approach. National and local services offered to immigrants are not enough to meet their requirements. Due to this, it’s quite necessary that FCM takes over the control of immigration policies. It also has substantial experience in incorporating new arrivals. Vrbanovic said, out of every Dollar collected in Canada only 8 cents goes to help municipalities and very less % is left for helping new arrivals to Canada.  

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