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Canada allows nearly 150,000 overseas workers every year to work in Canada.  Foreign workers need to apply for Canada work permit visa in order to work in Canada.  Generally work permits in Canada are granted to those skilled workers who have the ability to match with the need of Canadian companies and fulfil the scarcity of Canadian workers.  To work in Canada the applicant needs to have a Canada Work Permit Visa. Canada work permit visa is the license that gives the right to work under employment and safety regulations of Canada. A candidate who doesn’t have work permit or has an expired work permit will be considered working illegally in the country. Features of Canada work permit

  • You can only work in categories specified especially for this visa
  • You can only work in specified areas
  • Work permit is valid for a particular duration
  • It is a way to track overseas workers working in Canada
  • It guarantees for the payment of your work & safety
  • No one can take away your passport and permit
Benefits of Canada work permit Immigration to Canada under work permit visa will make you avail following benefits
  • Your compensation in clearly specified saving you from any chances of fraud
  • Housing facility if you fall under live-in caregiver facility
  • Work permit holder can refuse for the work if he/she is not comfortable with it
  • Have the right to file a complaint to the government authorities who take of the issue
Eligibility for Canada work permit After your migration to Canada you need to submit the following documents to become eligible for the Canadian work permit
  • a valid passport or
  • Other travel documents granted  by your native country
  • Medical certificates stating your sound health
  • Evidence showing you have sufficient funds to support yourself and your dependents, if any
  • Proof that you have no criminal record
  • Evidence to show that your stay in the country is temporary
  • Job offer from Canadian employer
Work permit and Canadian PR Work permit does not mean permanent residency in Canada. It’s just allows you for a temporary stay in the country. A temporary overseas worker in his/her provisional work status can apply for Canada permanent residence by fulfilling the required paper work. Who to Consult for Canada work permit? If you want to migrate to Canada under Canada work permit or you want more information on the different categories of work permit and Canada Federal Skilled Worker scheme contact Opulentus Overseas Careers. Connect with us on FB at https://www.facebook.com/canadatips and get latest updates on Canadian immigration!

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