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Smart Tips to Create a Perfect Express Entry Profile for Canadian Immigration
Posted on: 23 Oct 2017  |   Tags: Canada immigration , Canada PR , Express Entry Canada ,

Express Entry has is an online application management system which has replaced first-come first-served application system, held in practice earlier. It has a feature where the Candidates entering its pool are given ranks against each other. The top-ranked candidate receives precedence and is given an ITA for Canada PR draws held from time to time. The steps to apply are assessing your eligibility followed by creating an Express Entry profile. The profile carries all the details concerning will be ranked based on how various aspects of your profile such as age, education received, the experience of work done, compliance and adaptability besides spouse-related factors. The CRS gives points to these factors. A good CRS score improves the candidature and helps in immigrating to Canada without any bottleneck and so creating a good profile is extremely important.   Here are a few Tips to create an Express entry profile which is ideally suited for success in Canada immigration, and gaining a high rank in the Express Entry Canada

  • Get a High Score in the CRS

It enhances the chances of seeking Canadian immigration.

  • Make the Best Profile Possible

Assess the eligibility carefully.

Offer detailed and accurate information.

  • Give Accurate Documentary Proofs

Apply soon to boost ranking in Human Capital.  A CRS score of 110 is given when the age is between 20 to 29 years.

  • Seek Better Educational Credentials as it is a subject highly valued by CRS. Graduating from high school secures 30 points and 135 points are offered for a Masters degree. 150 points are offered for a Doctoral degree. If possible opt for a one year course to boost the CRS scores. Overseas Education Credentials Assessment is an evaluation of the degree which is measured by Canadian standards. The equivalent degree in Canada enhances the profile with commensurate CRS points.
  • Enhance Language Proficiency

For an ideal profile, the attribute of proficiency in the language is most crucial. A good score in IELTS increases your CRS scores in many ways.

  • Overseas Work Experience

Points are given for overseas work experience as per the National Occupational Classification matrix. There is a four-digit code assigned to every job in the labor force in Canadian NOC matrix. Accurately identify it for creating a good profile in Express entry. This code needs to be equivalent to the real job responsibilities without any ambiguity.

  • Profile of Spouse

Being accompanied by the spouse has an impact and an influence on the CRS points in the profile. When the spouse also has language proficiency and work experience more points are earned in CRS.

  • Give all the Relevant Details also

When all the details are given the task of processing becomes easier, and there are better chances of a positive outcome. Considering all these tips will lead to assured success for the candidate and help in realizing his/her dream.

If you are interested in Immigrating to Canada, you can select the options, and we are ready to guide you in this matter. Please Contact us at [email protected] or call us 1800 103 1555 and we will be glad to guide you in all immigration-related matters.

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