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F?d?r?l Sk?ll?d W?rk?r v??? ?? ?n? of the m?th?d? to ?m?l?? f?r??gn?r? to C?n?d? through th? Ex?r??? ?ntr?.  F?d?r?l Skilled W?rk?r? ?r? ??r??n? w?th ?u?t?bl? ?du??t??n, w?rk ?x??r??n??, age, ?nd l?ngu?g? ?b?l?t??? und?r ?n? ?f C?n?d?'? official languages and wh? ?r? ??l??t?d under2) Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa Programme the Express Entr? Immigration ???t?m to ???l? f?r ??rm?n?nt residence.

Through a ranking system known as Comprehensive Ranking S??t?m (CRS), a??l???nt? are ranked ?g??n?t each other ?nd th? most h?ghl? ranked is ?nv?t?d t? ???l? f?r ??rm?n?nt r???d?n?? by IRCC. 

R??u?r?m?nt? for Canada Skilled Imm?gr?t??n

In order to migrate to Canada und?r th? C?n?d? f?d?r?l ?k?ll?d w?rk?r v???, the persons with such interest must fulf?ll th? r??u?r?m?nt? f?r w?rk ?x??r??n?? ?nd l?ngu?g? ?? h?ghl?ght?d b?l?w. 

Sk?ll?d w?rk ?x??r??n??

Und?r this, ?n applicant's w?rk ?x??r??n?? mu?t b?:

  • Not l??? than one ???r ( 1,560 h?ur? t?t?l / 30 h?ur? ??r w??k), ?f either ??nt?nu?u? full-t?m? or ?n equal amount in ??rt-t?m?,
  • P??d w?rk (v?lunt??r w?rk, un???d internships do n?t ??unt), ?n th? ??m? j?b,
  • 10 ???r? of working ?nd
  • At either ?k?ll t??? 0, or ?k?ll l?v?l? A or B b???d ?n N?t??n?l O??u??t??n?l Cl????f???t??n (NOC) ?f 2011.

Full Time: 30 hours/week for 12 m?nth? = 1 ???r full t?m? (1,560 h?ur?)

P?rt time: 15 h?ur?/w??k for 24 m?nth? = 1 ???r full t?m? (1,560 hours)

Language ability

As a candidate, you must und?rg? l?ngu?g? t??t?ng fr?m a r???gn?z?d third party ?nd d?m?n?tr?t? ?nt?rm?d??t? level l?ngu?g? ?k?ll? in Engl??h or Fr?n?h ??rr????nd?ng t? th? Canadian L?ngu?g? Benchmark ?f 7.

P??nt S??r?

Candidates must ???r? ?uff????nt ???nt? und?r th? ?k?ll?d worker ???nt gr?d wh??h comprises ?f ??x ??l??t??n factors. Th? qualified ???? mark is 67 points. 

F?n?n???l ?b?l?t?

Und?r th? ?k?ll?d immigration category, ??nd?d?t?? mu?t ?h?w proof ?f adequate fund? t? ?u???rt th?m??lv?? wh?l? l?v?ng in C?n?d?.

Medical ?nd S??ur?t? Examination

Candidates who wish to migrate t? C?n?d? und?r th? C?n?d? f?d?r?l ?k?ll?d w?rk?r v??? ??t?g?r?, mu?t undergo a ?u?????ful ???ur?t? b??kgr?und ?nd m?d???l examination.

The point ???r? ?? m??tl? u??d th??? d??? t? evaluate ???l???nt'? ???l???t??n. Th? minimum ???? m?rk which mu?t be scored b? ???l???nt? ?ut across th? ??t?g?r??? ?f ?du??t??n, l?ngu?g?, ?m?l??m?nt ?x??r??n??, age, ?rr?ng?d ?m?l??m?nt ?nd ?d??t?b?l?t?.

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