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Ten things you should know about Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program 2014

Federal Skilled Worker Program?Opening the doors for so many immigrants, Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program was re-opened for the sake of prospective applicants, effective 1 May 2014. The aspirants with valid educational qualifications and paid work experience in one of the 50 eligible occupations can find better opportunities under Federal Skilled Worker Program 2014. Here is the list of ten best things  about Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program 2014, which should be known to every prospective applicant.

1. 35 Occupations are newly added

 FSW 2014 program listed 50 eligible occupations out of which 35 have not been previously eligible. They include jobs in various fields like nursing, management, finance and health services.

2. Applicants of previous cycle can re-apply

 The candidates who applied for previous Canda FSW program 2014 but could not proceed due the filling of caps may now re- apply, provided they continue to meet the required eligibility criteria. if they meet eligibility criteria. The candidates whose applications have been accepted for processing are not required to file a second application.

3. Same selection criteria

 The eligibility criteria and the selection process have not been changed. In order to get selected for permanent residency under FSW the candidates must score minimum 67 points in points-based test. The points are allotted based on factors like education, language skills, age, adaptable nature and work experience.

4. Assessed educational reports can be re-used

 The individual can reuse the Educational assessment reports previously accessed by a nominated organization. Applicants must attach the original report that was returned along with the previous application.  You are allowed to use the copy of original report in following situations:
  • The original report which has been sent with FSW application on or after 4 May 2013 and
  • If the applicant didn’t receive the original report.
In this scenario, the aspirant are expected to send a copy of their refusal letter along with a  letter stating that they did not receive back their original educational assessment.

5. Multiple applications can be submitted

 If the aspirant is having work experience equal to or more than a year in multiple eligible occupations, then he or she can apply multiple times for each occupation under current Canada FSW program.  However, for each application there will be a separate application fee.

6. New forms are not needed

 In order to submit a application for FSW program, the candidates can use the existing application forms or application guide.

7. Part-time work is counted

 To fulfill the requirements of work experience the candidates can add their part time work experience provided if it is a continuous, paid and is within ten years of the application  date.

8. Language requirements remain same

 In order to apply for FSW program the aspirants must meet minimum language thresholds. They should submit proof of proficiency in either English or French which can be obtained from a third party exam.

9. Processing times quickened

 The government of Canada is planning to bring the processing times to less than one year.

10. Final chance to directly apply to FSW program

 Express Entry, a new immigration intake system will come into existence on 1 January 2015. This system will select candidates from various immigration programs which also includes FSW program. So, this is the final opportunity for the prospective candidates to directly apply for FSW program.  For more updates Follow us @ Facebook , Twitter , Google+

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