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Canada offers many options for professionals under re-opened FSW program

Canada Federal Skilled Program 2014Canada Federal skilled worker (FSW) program 2014 offers incredible opportunities even for other professionals. New caps and occupations for the field of other professionals were announced under re-opened Canada FSW program.   Under Canada FSW program there is a sub cap of accepting 1000 applications per each eligible occupation for other professionals.  The occupations for this field mainly include four major categories which are provided underneath.     •  Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations (1123) • Supervisors, finance and insurance office workers (1212) • Property administrators (1224) • Geoscientists and oceanographers (2113) Eligibility criteria for advertising, marketing and public relation Professionals under Canada FSW 2014

  • The candidate must at least have a college diploma or must done graduation in public relations, journalism, business marketing, museology, or in any relevant subject.
  • A public relation professional must need an APR (Accredited in Public Relations) designation in few cases.
Requirements for Supervisors, finance and insurance office workers
  • The aspirant must complete the college in accounting, bookkeeping, or in any relevant subject.
  • Trade exposure in clerical position is considered.
Eligibility for Property administrators under Canada Federal skilled program (FSW) 2014
  • The candidate must complete secondary school of education
  • As per the British Columbia the candidate must fulfill the conditions for minimum linguistic skills
  • The age of the applicant must be at least 19 years in British Columbia.
  • In few cases the candidate must be trained in strata management or real estate or property
  • Should have minimum exposure as property clerk, administrative officer and contract clerk
  • In order to practice as Strata property managers in British Columbia the candidate must obtain official approval.
Geoscientists and oceanographers requirements under Re-opened Canada Federal skilled worker program 2014
  • The aspirant should have a College degree in geophysics, geochemistry and geology or in any relevant discipline.
  • If the candidate wants to get employed as geophysicist then they must obtain a Doctorate in geophysics, mathematics engineering physics
  • In order to get employed the applicant must be registered with territorial or provincial association of geologists, geoscientists or professional engineers and this is considered as mandatory to apply in Newfoundland and Labrador,   British Columbia, Northwest Territories and Nunavut and in Alberta.
  • In case of Geologists and geophysicists the registration is applicable only when they complete their graduation from qualified education program and must have worked for a number of years and in some areas the candidate should pass a professional practice examination.
  • If a candidate is interested to work as Oceanographers, then they must require a graduate degree in oceanography or a university degree in mathematics or engineering, science and in statistics.
  Re-opened Canada Federal skilled worker (FSW) programoffers a wide range of options for other professionals also. So, many professionals are Migrating to Canada by considering this as the right time for getting relevant opportunity. For more updates Follow us @ Facebook , Twitter , Google+

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