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Canada’s Family Immigration Program

Canada allows family members to be sponsored by permanent residents or citizens of Canada. There are three main categories under which family/relatives can be sponsored. One category of family members is spouse, partner or children, the second is that of parents and grandparents and the third and last category is that of other types of relatives.

Canada Family Immigration

Sponsoring a spouse, partner or child sponsorship under Canada Permanent Residency program/scheme

Under the first category of Canada family immigration, the applicant who is a permanent resident or citizen of Canada can sponsor his/her spouse or common-law partner or conjugal partner, or dependent children. But, there are some conditions which have to be met if the applicant seeks to sponsor a family member under this category and these are that the applicant ought to ensure that he/she makes every reasonable effort to make provisions for their upkeep. Simply put, this means that every member of the family who immigrates and gets a Canada Family Visa under the provisions of this scheme is financially or otherwise (social and other such assistance) not dependent on the government or any of its institutions for their living and other needs.

And and but, under this category of permanent residency (Canada Family Immigration scheme), some eligibility conditions have to be met by the applicant before he/she can apply and some of these are that the sponsor must be at least 18 years or older, financially able to meet all their needs (requiring money or finance). And, in the case of them, the applicant gives in writing that he/she will support the family member for a minimum period as may be applicable in each case (different for spouse and dependent children). The applicant for permanent residency (Canada Family Immigration scheme) under this category must also clear specific medical, criminal and background checks. There are also grounds of ineligibility under this category which include the applicant’s record in the past such as ‘did not play alimony’, ‘committed a violent crime’, etc.

Sponsoring a parent or grandparent under the Canada Permanent Residency program/scheme

The applicant can also sponsor his/her parent for permanent residency provided again that if he/she meets certain conditions which include that he/she must be able to support them financially,  they are able to clear some specified medical, criminal, background, etc. checks. There are grounds for ineligibility too, such as the applicant not having met requirements/conditions of eligibility regarding a related matter in the past.

Sponsoring other relatives under the Canada Permanent Residency program/scheme

Other relatives of an applicant (who holds citizenship or permanent residency) may also be eligible to sponsor other relatives. This category includes i) brothers and sisters, ii) nephews and nieces and iii) grandsons and granddaughters and similar such relatives. He/she can also sponsor one other kind of relative under some specific and specified conditions. He/she (the applicant) can also sponsor accompanying relatives of all of the aforesaid. But there are again eligibility conditions (e.g. financial stability and strength) to be met and conditions (ineligibility conditions such as criminal record, etc.) under which the application may not be accepted.

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