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Recent Canada Express Entry Immigration Figures Provide an Insight on Invitations to Apply

The immigration department of Canada has released data, which shows that the changes introduced in the Express Entry System of Canada during November 2016, have made an impact regarding the constituents of the ITAs. The data from IRCC puts a focus on the months from November 2016 to May 2017, after these changes were made. The candidates having an offer of the job received 10 percent ITAs subsequent to the changes, in comparison to 38 percent earlier. These changes aimed to focus the system of selection, largely on the candidates possessing basic economic credentials, which included relations with Canada to help them to achieve success in the country. In it, the points given to a job offer were decreased from 600 to a new classification of 200 or 50, based on the NOC of the position, which was offered. The statistics also reveal how the changes effected in the CRS point- allocation, altered the number of ITA’s, given to candidates with an offer of job, towards the candidates having finest economic credentials, like their age, language proficiency, education received, work experience gained and the period of study/work in the country. Canada-Express-Entry-2018 Though there is a reduction in the ITAs for candidates with an offer of a job, obtaining a job offer is a successful method to increase the CRS score. Improvement of language, or education and work experience is not achieved easily but proper guidance leads to an offer for a job, and guide the candidate to receive an ITA. Through additional changes new points were introduced for all candidates who had received education in Canada, as mentioned below:  CHART HERE

Education Level Number of Points
High school 0
One or two-year post-secondary 15
Three-year post-secondary, master’s, professional degree or doctorate 30
  The main aim of these changes was to help international students who had attended institutions in Canada to achieve a permanent residency status. The government attaches a great importance to the international students because they have a favorable age, know both the official languages, receive a good education, and show a link to Canada. Among the 53,249 ITAs that were issued in the period from November 16 to May 17, 16,778 were issued to aspirants receiving education credentials in Canada. This is one-third of the candidates and shows that they have two years of post-secondary education in Canada. 16,778 applicants had an equal share, for credentials of 30 points, and of 15 points also. Canada attaches huge importance to education while considering the application for immigration. There are points for graduates from high school or for doctorates as also for the main candidates and their spouses. The candidates, who obtain credentials outside Canada, need to get an authorized Assessment of their Educational Credential, to align it with the Canadian standards. 30 CRS points are given to high school diploma 120 points for a three-year degree course. The doctorate holders receive a score of 150. Strategically planning the education, which is based on the points projected, is also possible. When the work experience and age factors fail to give sufficient CRS points, the candidate can consider studying for another year for strengthening the application.

Standard Express Entry Points for Education

With spouse Single
Secondary school (high school) credential 28 30
1-year post-secondary program credential 84 90
2-year post-secondary program credential 91 98
?3-year post-secondary program credential 112 120
?2 post-secondary program credentials (one being at least 3 years) 119 128
Master’s OR Entry-to-practice professional degree 126 135
Doctorate 140 150

Additional Changes are done in June 2017 Some changes done in June 2017 impacted on the ITA trends. Extra points were given when a candidate had strong skills in French language or had a sibling in the country. Changes make an impact on the CRS points as also on the receiver of an ITA. These changes aim to reduce the integration period for fresh immigrants. Focus on strong skills in language, members of the family, studying and working in Canada provides an opportunity to the newcomers to adjust themselves quickly in the country with positive consequences.

The French language

15 additional points are given to Candidates who score a level 7 in all the four categories in the Niveau de Competence Linguistique Canadiens in combination with an English score of 4 in the Canadian Language Benchmark. The points increase to 30 when the French level 7 is combined with level 5 in English. 136 points are awarded for a candidate in the first language and 24 points in the second.

New points for having a sibling in Canada

Candidates who have a sibling above 18 years existing in Canada are given 15 additional points. There is a norm that the sibling must be a PR or a Canadian citizen. The eligibility norm is sharing a mother/father with the main candidate or their common-law partner/spouse. Such a relationship can be based on blood, or through marriage, or common-law and through adoption. To find out if you are eligible to Migrate to Canada permanently, fill out a free evaluation form or contact us at [email protected] or call us 7207111222. One of our experts will meet your expectations and provide answers to queries.

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