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Simple Steps to Increase Your Chances of Getting Selected From Express Entry Pool

Canada Express Entry SystemSizeable opportunities await immigrants in Canada. Migrating to Canada is an overwhelming choice made by many immigrants every year. With a high standard of living and advanced infrastructure, Canada has carved a niche as leading immigration destinations across the globe. Canada has effective immigration policies and every year the country aims to allure thousands of immigrants from all over the world. In a major decision to welcome new permanent residents to Canada i.e. up to 285,000, in 2015, the government has newly launched an immigration system termed as Canada Express Entry.  The new Canada immigration system has started its operations from 1 January 2015 onwards.

Canada Express Entry System

Immigration to Canada under Express Entry system offers a permanent resident visa to the applicants. This new electronic system manages applications under any of the economic Canada skilled immigration programs such as.

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC) and
  • A portion of Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP)

However, to apply for this new Canada immigration system applicant should initially create an online profile and abide certain requirements for Canada Express Entry as well as quality in the Comprehensive Ranking System—points based system. Candidates who abide basic eligibility criteria are placed in the Express Entry pool and ranked based on the points secured in CRS. A maximum of 1200 points will be awarded to the applicants based on the core human capital factors, skill transferability factors, accompanying a spouse or common-law factors and a valid job offer or provincial nomination factors. Candidates who score highest points will only be picked from the pool in each draw and invited to lodge applications for Canada PR under Canada above skilled immigration programs.

Simple Tips to improve your chances of getting selected from the pool

For acquiring Canada Permanent residency visa, getting selected from the pool is a major task. Thus, here some of the simple tips have been provided for individual’s reference.

1. language testing is very crucial:

Language skills play a vital role in successful Canada immigration. Thus, it is essential to have individual’s language score in their hand before their first screening. IELTS is a language test is needed for almost every individual who wants to migrate to Canada under Permanent Resident visa stream. Certificating one’s language skills might assist them in immigration, and the score may even helpful for an applicant to convey their proficiency in the English language to a potential employer.

2. LMIAs rules Canada Express Entry system:

In the Canada Express Entry System, 600 points are allotted for a job offer or provincial nomination, which clearly specifies that a job offer or standard or permanent LMIA would almost increase the chance of getting in Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada Permanent Residence (PR) in the Maple Leaf. It doesn’t mean that only candidates with valid job offer can apply for Express Entry, even candidates without the job offer can also apply. However, they need to enrol themselves in Canada job bank.

3. Evade misrepresentation of application:

Candidates are strictly suggested to produce relevant documents rather than producing whatsoever credentials, with an intention to find a high score in the Comprehensive Ranking system.

4. Candidates should not rely entirely on Express Entry wizard:

In some sections, if individuals fail to conclude details in the Express Entry profile, their status for that particular section will appear as in progress. If the session is 100% completed it will appear as complete. However, in some situations even though the details are not completely provided Express Entry wizard shows a green signal stating that information is completely provided. So, applicants are suggested to be careful and fill the details thoroughly as well as check the details twice or thrice without relying on the   Express Entry wizard.

5.  Ask some authentic person to go through your profile before put forward the same: 

It is suggested to assess individuals profile by some trustful person before submitting it. So, that individual can know some loopholes present in their profile, and they can cope up with it.

Thus, these are some of the simple tips that have to be followed by the applicants to improve their chances of getting selected from the Express Entry pool.

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