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Effect of Brexit on Germany
Posted on: 04 Jul 2016  |   Tags: Brexit , EU member , immigration , Migrate to Germany , UK ,

migrate to GermanyGermany’s condition after Brexit is like the expression “fork in the road”. Everything around the country is so uncertain that it is too soon to jump on to any conclusions. The simple question is what will be the situation of immigrants living in Germany and UK.

For example, 100,000 Britons live in Germany, and 300,000 Germans live in Britain. If anything breaks, there will be a need of paperwork which can be a – LOT!

The process of Brexit will take its own time hence the situation can be assessed easily by then. A new treaty is nowhere in sight and hence  there is time to before the storm Even after the referendum citizens will not face any trouble being an EU member or a UK resident for  years to come.

Brexit was just one stone for a massive monumental change and if immigration is going to be strict from UK or EU, then it is going to vice versa

The people who wouldn’t face problems in such a situation will be Swiss citizens, Norwegians, Icelanders and Liechtenstein’s. Whereas Australia, New Zealand, Japan, S. Korea, Israel, Canada and the US are part of ‘Privilege category’ of Germany.

Thankfully till now, no such restriction has been imposed for the people migrating from India nor have we faced with such unprivileged situations. Hence we still stand safe and considered one of the most sought after skilled labors across the globe.

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