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Move to Austria with its (Austria’s) Red-White-Red Card

Austria Red-White-Red-CardSomewhat quite recently (i.e. on 1 July, 2011), Austria introduced its permanent residence scheme, or immigration scheme. It is both new and flexible and is called Red-White-Red Card. The scheme has been designed in such a way that persons from foreign/alien countries who satisfy some suitable personal and job-related criteria (i.e. actually labour market-related) criteria can settle down in the country on a permanent basis (i.e. for a period of 12 months, i.e. 1 year), along with their families (i.e. migrate to Austria). This immigration scheme for ‘Austria Immigration’ is known as the ‘Red-White-Red’ card scheme.

Some conditions/characteristics of the Red-white-Red are that it is for a fixed term (i.e. for 1 year) and the holder of the card has to work for a specified employer only. The different categories of persons who can satisfy the eligibility criteria are as follows. These categories are very ‘highly qualified workers’, ‘skilled workers in occupations which are facing a shortage’, ‘other types of important personnel’, ‘graduates of the country’s universities and schools of higher learning’ and ‘other personnel in key occupations who are self-employed’. All of these preceding are the only categories permissible under the Red-White-Red card scheme and only those who are eligible for the country’s Red-White-Red scheme under these categories are allowed for migration to Austria.

And, under some of these categories there are sub-categories and criteria (which carry points and) which are clearly delineated which provide details of the exact requirements under each sub-category therein. Thus, under some categories, there are sub-categories and criteria under each sub-category which are points-based. And, thus, each sub-category has detailed, definite and stringent criteria which carry points for of each criterion. Thus, under the category ‘very highly skilled worker’, there are sub-categories such as ‘special qualifications and skills’, ‘work experience and language skills’, etc. and under each such sub-category, criteria such as: ‘special qualifications and skills’ (which carries 40 points), ‘post-doctoral qualification’ (or, a ‘Phd’, 60 points), ‘research and innovation activities’ (40 points). Thus, to be considered for the Red-White-Red card, under the category ‘very highly skilled worker’, an applicant should pass the minimum number of points that are specified or laid down by the immigration authority of Austria for that category. So is the case, with some other categories too.

There are, of course, also requirements as for as documentation is concerned which have to be satisfied and so the required documents have to be submitted along with the application to the immigration authorities. After the application for Red-White-Red card is made, it is examined by the Public Employment Service (AMS).

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