Break Through Points System for Successful Austria Immigration through Red White Red Card

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Austria Red White Red Card Moving to a foreign country is one of the life’s changing events. Thus, choosing right immigration destination will help individuals to attain a better standard of living and plethora career opportunities. There exists a number of leading destinations across the globe that welcomes immigrants to reside and improve themselves professionally and personally. Austria is one such destination that welcomes immigrants from all over the world to settle and work in the country. Austria is one of the desirable countries, bounded by mountains as well as stunning land areas whereas there are a number of cities which marks as history in Europe. In recent times, the number of immigrants migrating to Austria has hit the peaks.

Immigration to Austria 

Austria is an affluent nation across the world with a number of growth sectors. Due to scarce populace and lack of skilled professionals in various sectors and the country seeking to allure overseas skilled immigrants to migrate to Austria and work over there. Year by year, the craze for Austria immigration is increasing progressively. However, to migrate to Austria an overseas national need to obtain Austria Red White Red Card.

Austria Red White Red Card

Austria has introduced a flexible immigration card entitled as the Red White Red Card, which offers eligible third-country employees and their family members a single permit for residing and working in Austria. Red White Red Card to Austria aims to ease immigration process for foreign nationals with an intention to settle in Austria permanently depending on personal a labour market needs.

Austria Red White Red Card Eligibility criteria  

Initially, Austria Red White Red Card is granted for the duration of twelve months and enables the card holder to fixed-term settlement as well as a job by a specified employer. In order to apply for Austria Red White Red Card, individuals should belong to any of the following criteria.

  • Very highly qualified employees
  • Skilled employees in shortage occupations
  • Other key employees
  • Graduates of Austrian universities and colleges of higher education
  • Self-employed key employees

Austria Red White Red Card Requirements

Besides meeting aforesaid requirements individuals should also meet the following basic Austria Red White Red Card requirements:

  • Applicant should have enough funds to cover their living costs in AustriaFor – –. – singles: €872.31
    – For couples: €1,307.89
    – For each child an extra: €134.59
  • Applicant should have health insurance coverage offering benefits in Austria
  • Enough lodging according to native standards

Austria Red White Red Card points system

Under Austria Red White Red Card Immigration scheme, immigrant need to qualify in the points based system. The minimum qualification points vary based on the individual’s eligibility criteria. For Very highly qualified employees, at least 70 points are required. For Skilled employees in shortage occupations and other key employees minimum 50 points are needed. While for student graduates from Austrian universities and Self-employed key employees points based test is not required. Individuals prior to applying they must go through the Austria Red White Red Card evaluation, to verify their capability.

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